How Yo-Yo go about making the delicious Yo-Yo Goodies: Absolutely all the delicious ingredients that go into the Yo-Yo juices, smoothies, coffee, salads, wraps, soups and more are the freshest, healthiest and all natural ingredients to give a healthy and happy body what it needs. Healthy and passionate is a great way to live, and these values are exactly how the Yo-Yo team live their day. But as well as alot of goodness and fun, there are a few other things go into making each and every delicious Yo-Yo optionÖ

Virtue, to do what is right, Integrity, to lead by example, Balance, respect and consideration, Empowerment, self-belief and innovation, Satisfaction a fulfilling experience for all involved. And thatís just the staffÖ

But we also expect a lot from all the fruits, vegetables, yoghurtís and other carefully chosen goodies that go into making a delicious Yo-Yo's. Only the freshest and healthiest produce available full of nature's goodness, with the right attitude, will make it into the Yo-Yo van and into our kitchen.

Remember No one ever regrets a delicious Yo-Yo!!!

Have Yo-Yo at your next event:

From backyards to big days out, beaches to universities, parks to Parklife, boardrooms to sports fields or stadiums, the Yo-Yo team is totally mobile and ready to go.

They also have that expensive public liability insurance for 20million dollars (Thatís a lot of Yo-Yoís) should any of their customers fall over cause of the unbelievable taste of their Yo-Yo.

What some celebrities had to say (or may have said if we asked them) about their first Yo-Yo:

Steven Segal Action movie star.

"I'm an action movie star and I thought I'd tried it all, but man, my first Yo-Yo blew me away. It made me realise just how much I had been neglecting my tastebuds"

Disco Stu:

"A Yo-Yo picks you up when you're feeling down without any awful comedown."

Clint Eastwood, Tough guy actor now ageing gracefully:

"You got to ask yourself punk, couldn't you go a Yo-Yo.'

Jeff Fenech, Boxing champ:

"If you ask me a question again when I'm drinking my Yo Yo I'll fully smash you mate." (Oops, sorry Jeff.)

Russell Crowe:

"Didnít you hear Jeff mate we'll smash you, where's my smoothie?"

Mark Latham:

"I love a good bitter juice. Nearly as bitter as me."


"I pity the fool who tries to ask me a question when Iím knocking back a tasty Yo-Yo these things rule."

(Itís important to note no celebrities were consulted or hurt when obtaining these quotes and they remain completely made up. Cause we donít want to get sued or beaten up. Thankyou.)