Legend has it, that one spring day whilst walking back to their humble castle in Sydney, Darren and Adam were in desperate need of refreshment and a good healthy feed. "I need a fresh Juice" said Darren, and his friend Adam agreed, "although a smoothie is more my style" said Adam.

"But there's nothing good around here" said Darren and then the two friends got very sad for all the people who also love healthy and delicious juices and food like them but can't get it when they need it.

"But why don't we make the best, most delicious and healthy juices, smoothies and even yummy food and take it to all the people who need it?" said Darren excitedly. Adam thought Darren was just being dramatic. "You're always being dramatic in springtime." Said Adam but he knew this was a wonderful idea. "We shall do it," said Darren.

Adam knew his friend had not gone mad from dehydration this time but was truly onto something special. True to their word the Yo-Yo Mobile Health Bars was born and the two friends now take their Yo-Yo vans all over Sydney making people happy and their belly's grateful as they share the delicious juices, smoothies, coffee, wraps, salads, soups and more with all the people who want it.

This should be good news for all the people like them looking for something healthy and delicious that's also convenient.