What type of yummy Yo-Yo's are there: Yo-Yo offers freshly squeezed juices, Smoo smoothies, tasty wraps, flavoursome soups, fresh, crisp salads, delicious Oxfam World Blend Coffee and lots more. Let the boys dazzle your taste buds with one of their favourite combos or invent your own on the spot.

Yo-Yo Freshly squeezed juices. Nothing but delicious fruit.
Since pure fruit make the best juices that’s all Yo-Yo puts into them.

Yo-Yo Blended smoothies. we use Smoo smoothie low fat and delicious .Mango.tropical,banana,strawberry,Wild berry

Yo-Yo Freshly made wraps,Focaccias, soups and salads: Fresh and crisp. Made daily. All are low fat and full of flavour.

Oxfam Coffee. organically grown   Served by a very healthy trained barrista!!

Yo-Yo is up to date with all your health needs and have added a few ingredints to our menu that will help you run faster, jump higher and go the extra mile. Our Yo-Brief defines our supplements to assist with your choice.



GI = Glycemic Index

Max energy

Releases slowly into the body

Say good bye to afternoon lows


HI = Human Interaction

Unprocessed Whole Foods

Max health

Guilt free



Builds muscle

Filling nutrients

Eat less - feel satisfied




Everything you love

Still healthy



Energy booster

Reduces fatigue

Increases alertness


Multi Vitamin

Provides nutrients

Optimum efficiency

Supplements nutritional intake


Super Boost

Increases stamina

Improves circulation

Alleviates fatigue

Increases muscle strength



Inhibits viruses

Prevents influenza



Improves digestion

Increases calcium intake

Antioxidant properties


Ginkgo Biloba

Improves circulation

Increases alertness

Increases attention span

Alleviates fatigue



Alleviate fatigue

Improves energy

Improves stamina

Increases muscle strength

Improves blood circulation


Wheat Grass

One shot = 1kg of leafy greens

Amino acids

Beat that!!


Yo-Yo. It’s all good.